“Buone Pratiche e Piattaforme Tecnologiche per la strutturazione di un modello di governance del Polo biotech “verde” della Basilicata”

Programma Operativo FESR Basilicata 2007-2013 Progetto di cooperazione territoriale ai sensi dell’art.37.6.b del Reg. (CE) n.1083/2006; CUP:D82I14000090008

The aim of the Biogreen project is to acquire significant experiences through a comparison and exchange among qualified partners in the field of structuring management of advanced technology clusters with particular references of bioeconomy sector in order to develop and implement good practices for a “governance model” of the “Polo of Green Biotechnology” in Basilicata.

In Europe, the biotechnology sector shows a strong development and is in the forefront of potential to generate economic and industrial benefits. Typically, the development of such technologies is favored by creating clusters or districts, in which the system of research, business and public administration is provided by a governance and a common mission, leading to a socio-economic development of the determined territory. The structure of biotech clusters, which concentrates on human resources, technological and economic activities in a dynamic high-technology within a specific territory, generates a competitive challenge that already exists in other European countries.

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14th 15th December, 2015 • Conference Room at Alsia • Metapontum Agrobios

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Exchange of Best Practices with BIOIB - Palma de Mallorca


General Objective

Acquisition of significant experiences, through acomparison and exchange with qualified partners in the field of structuring and management of advanced technology clusters, with particular reference to the biotechnology sector, in order to develop and implement Best Practices for the definition of a “governance model“ for a Polo of Green Biotechnology in Basilicata

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The Project consists of three Components:

Component 1.

Management and
dissemination of

Component 2.

Exchange of
experiences and
demonstration activities.

Component 3.

Identification of good practices useful to define the governance model of the Polo Biotech.

Steering Committee


Andrea Vallan

Tanit Mir

Francesco Cellini
Maria Gallitelli

External Support

Rosalba Barone
Szabina Lengyel


verify and steer activities, paritcularly on technology choice, study visits, demonstration


Synthetic report containing evaluations on activities, results and outputs advancement level.