Report of steering committee n. 01/2015

Post on December 9, 2015
Date Hour Place
29/10/2015 12:00 – 13:30 Alsia-CRMA


  1. Presentation of activity of the project
  2. Plan of communication
  3. Definition of data, contents and participants of the study visit
  4. Definition of subsequent stages of the consultants of the project
  5. Definition of a final workshop

The first meeting of the start Biogreen project was held on the 29th October 2015, organized by the Steering Committee via videoconference with the delegates of the partners Alsia-Metapontum Agrbios Research Centre (Alsia–CRMA), Parco Tecnologico Padano (PTP) and Balearic Islands Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster (BIOIB). The cluster manager Andrea Vallan introduced the PTP, while Tanit Mir presented the BIOIB. Looking at the first point of the discussion, the coordinators of the project dr. Francesco Cellini and dr. Maria Gallitelli summarized the plan of the project Biogreen demonstrating the tasks on a powerpoint presentation, in English for an easier comprehension of the foreign partners and they gave a common scheme about the activities to work on. All the documents and the reports of the Steering Committee and study visits will be available on the website of the project. At the second point of the discussion, the plan of communication was established by the Steering Committee entrusted an association of communication who will look after the design of the logo, the installation of a website and the diffusion of materials of the results. The plan of communication will consist the design of a project logo, a website, preparation of two reports of the project, newsletters and organization of a study visit, a stage and a final workshop. The exchange of experiences between the partners and other actors is the central task of the project proposal and will be carried out using different tools, which will be described at the third point of discussion. By the end, to acquire elements of good practice and innovation, each partner will bring some demonstrative experiences of innovation and technology under a form of prototypes or results what will be objects of discussion, evaluation and diffusion. The exchange of experiences will be obtained via documents, technical meetings, study visits and stage. The study visits at PTP and BIOIB will involve the participants of the Steering Committee and other delegates of public institutes (UNIBAS, ENEA, CNR, and CRA) which already joined the Polo Biotech in Basilicata. The study visit has been programmed for the period of 16th – 20th November 2015. The first visit will be organized to PTP and then to BIOIB. Moreover, at the fourth point the date of the stage to the partners, participated by the consultants of Ce.R.T.A., has been determined from the 23th till 27th November. At the end of the project, a final workshop will be held on the 15th December 2015 to demonstrate the results. This workshop will be opened to the public, stakeholders and technicians.