Report n. 04/2015 – Conclusions of the study visit and future planning

Post on December 14, 2015
Per Nome e Cognome
ALSIA – CRMA Francesco Cellini
ALSIA – CRMA Maria Gallitelli
ALSIA – CRMA Rina Iannacone
ALSIA – SSA Felice Vizzielli
ENEA Salvatore Arpaia
Ce.R.T.A Rosalba Barone
Ce.R.T.A Szabina Lengyel
BIOIB Pep Lluis Pons
BIOIB Mariela Adrover
BIOIB Tanit Mir
PTP Andrea Vallan

19th November 2015 – Palma de Mallorca, Spain

At the end of the study visit at the Balearic Islands Biotechnological and Biomedical Cluster (BIOIB), the delegation of Basilicata, composed of representatives of ALSIA–Metapontum Agrobios Research Center, ENEA and Ce.R.T.A., met to define the program for demonstration activities and a final workshop, planned for the 14th and 15th December 2015.

On the 14th December 2015, the following demonstration activities and presentations will be organized:

  • CREA – Metaponto, Agronomic innovations of a sustainable agriculture;
  • ENEA – Rotondella;
  • Assofruit – Scanzano, project in collaboration with UNIBAS;
  • CRMA – Metaponto, Plant Phenomics – Initiative of CNR/ALSIA;
  • Greenswitch s.r.l.

On the 15th December 2015, the final workshop will be held in Metaponto, where Francesco Cellini, director of the ALSIA-CRMA will present the project Biogreen, furthermore, the Partner 2 and Partner 3 of the project, as well as the scientific partners (CNR, ENEA, CREA) will be introduced to the people interested in the Polo Biotech ‛green’ of Basilicata. Each partner will bring some pilot experiences of innovations and technologies, as forms of prototypes or results, which will be the subjects of following discussions, valuations and diffusion.