pageThe aim of the Biogreen project is to acquire significant experiences through a comparison and exchange among qualified partners in the field of structuring management of advanced technology clusters with particular references of bioeconomy sector in order to develop and implement good practices for a “governance model” of the “Polo of Green Biotechnology” in Basilicata. In Europe, the biotechnology sector shows a strong development and is in the forefront of potential to generate economic and industrial benefits. Typically, the development of such technologies is favored by creating clusters or districts, in which the system of research, business and public administration is provided by a governance and a common mission, leading to a socio-economic development of the determined territory. The structure of biotech clusters, which concentrates on human resources, technological and economic activities in a dynamic high-technology within a specific territory, generates a competitive challenge that already exists in other European countries.
The “Polo of Green Biotechnology’’, provided by the Regional Programming Strategy on Research and Innovation (DCR 4 August 2009 n. 571 – BUR 25/08/2009 n. 39), will involve all active actors of research in the bioeconomy sector in Basilicata (ALSIA–Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre, ENEA, CNR, University of Basilicata, CRA), in addition of other companies in and from outside the region who want to invest in research and development.
Among these actors, ALSIA–Metapontum Agrobios Research Centre, leader of the project (Partner 1), has been authorized by Basilicata region for the coordination and management activities. Partner 2 APSTI, collaborating with Assobiotec will be tasked to bring together into the initiative of Italian Bioparks, helping to identify significant experts and national experiences in the biotech sector, which can serve as useful examples of good practices for the development of Polo Biotech of Basilicata.
Partner 3 (BIOIB), based on its consolidate experience of supporting regional biotech clusters and large-scale of initiatives in the field of life sciences, will be tasked to identify good practices developed within the respective poles, participate in activities organized in Basilicata (workshops, seminars, project meetings), and accommodate short visits of the experts of Basilicata at their facilities for further information on the topics covered by the project.
The realization of the project calls for the acquisition of information and tools for managing bioclusters, in order to give impulses and sustainability for the initiative “Polo of Green’’ biotechnology of Basilicata. The action of the cluster will be realized through comparison and exchange of experience among national and European players with significant background in the field, in order to quickly gain knowledge and skills making effective the first construction phase of the Polo Biotech, consolidating its international dimension. In addition, there will be a direct exchange through organization of workshops and seminars, and study visits in which each partner delegation will introduce key activities of the development of biocluster. Demonstrative activities selected within the project, in which certain technologies are particularly important, will be presented at the target subjects (companies, research centers, investors).